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Guest Speakers Details for the Brunch on Wednesday Jun. 08, '16, RoyLawrence

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Guest Speaker: RoyLawrence

Guest Speaker's Topic:
Do you want to learn about Mortgage investing? How safe is it? How may you earn 10%. The banks do it and so can you.

Guest Speaker's Details:
Roy, will discuss and share information about this type of investing. Roy has experience in many fields relating to the financial and insurance industries. He is with Rockfort / Money Gate Mortgage Investment on the investment side. He's worked with many families, over the years, with their insurance and investment needs. When not working Roy enjoys time with his family, working out, reading motivational books and taking his son to his sporting games.

Contact information
Roy Lawrence
Rockford Mortgage Investment Representative
c 416.219.6731

Location: Palais Royale,
1601 Lake Shore Boulevard West,
Toronto, ON, M6K 3C1
P 416-533-3553
Click here for Google Maps.
Enjoy a delicious buffet brunch. Registration $20.00

Tags: Roy Lawrence, mortgage investing

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