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Guest Speakers Details for the Brunch on Wednesday Jul. 13, '16, Jilian, your host. BWF Social on the Patio

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Guest Speaker: Jilian, your host. BWF Social on the Patio

Guest Speaker's Topic:
Round table discussion. How to you make friends at social events? How do you present yourself?

Guest Speaker's Details:
Jilian will introduce guests and facilitate a round table discussion on the best ways to get to know each other and how to follow up later. She has been in business, direct sales since 1968. Married, 5 children, 10 grandchildren whom she loves to visit, across Canada. Is involved in church, charities, community and more.

Contact information
Jilian Saweczko
Host and facilitator
c 416.931.2046
LegalShield Associate, Business and Identity Theft Plans

Location: Palais Royale,
1601 Lake Shore Boulevard West,
Toronto, ON, M6K 3C1
P 416-533-3553
Click here for Google Maps.
Enjoy a delicious buffet brunch. Registration $20.00

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