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Guest Speakers Details for the Brunch on Wednesday Jan. 11, '17, Mr Evan Pleet - this month at a new loc

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Guest Speaker: Mr Evan Pleet - this month at a new loc

Guest Speaker's Topic:
How important is Your workspace to Your Business?

Guest Speaker's Details:
Evan will discuss the importance of planning your workspace and how it can increase your space/time efficiency by creating a dream working environment and watch the business come in!
Evan is the Principal Designer at E.L.P. Designs and Space Panning. He has over 15 years experience in creating unique, functional designs throughout your home or workplace.

Contact information
Evan Pleet
E.L.P. Designs and Space Planning

Location: NOTE - new lococation
Sunrise Crepe & Grill
417 Roncesvalles Ave @ Howard Park Ave
Brunch: a la carte (Mohammad makes the most wonderful crepes).

Tags: Evan Pleet, space planning, Jilian Saweczko, BWF

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