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Guest Speakers Details for the Brunch on Wednesday Aug. 23, '17, Miss Sanjana Ambegaonkar, 'The Art of Appreciation

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Guest Speaker: Miss Sanjana Ambegaonkar, 'The Art of Appreciation

Guest Speaker's Topic:
"What is so special about 'The Art of Appreciation"? 'What are the 3 Stages of Appreciation?'

Guest Speaker's Details:
Miss Sanjana Ambegaonkar discusses, in her first chapter, Thank You and Appreciation. She has a unique perspective to share.
'Thank You' is used universally, but what are you really saying?.

This discussion may just change the way you look at life. Your whole expression may change and change the expressions of others.
Wouldn't you agree society would benefit. You will want to attend.

Contact information
Miss Sanjana Ambegaonkar.
Award Winning Author. 'The Art of Appreciation'
wrote this amazing book at 12. She is now 13.
She has started doing workshops with young people.
Contact her through,
Mr Amit Ambegoankar

FYI. Palais Royale, hosts a charity event, in a beautiful location, over looking Lake Ontario, eating a wonderful brunch, having fun and making friends.
$20 cash is collected on arrival. Children may donate less. Plus $5 contribution for Brunch With Focus, is waived for all children

Location: Palais Royale,
1601 Lake Shore Boulevard West,
Toronto, ON, M6K 3C1
P 416-533-3553
Click here for Google Maps.
Enjoy a delicious buffet brunch. Registration $5.00 Lunch $15.00
Children make a contribution for lunch and Registration waived.

Very Important.
Number of adults and children needed by Aug. 22nd

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