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The Next Brunch with Focus is on Fri. Apr. 20, '18
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Guest Speakers Details for the Brunch on Wednesday Jan. 24, '18, Become The Boss Academy Postponed due to illness.

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Guest Speaker: Become The Boss Academy Postponed due to illness.

Guest Speaker's Topic:
Become The Boss Academy Postponed due to illness. New Date TBA

Guest Speaker's Details:

Ms Yanyan Zhu. Massive Action from a different perspective. She'll share some idea on getting ready to take Massive Action. She has a background in finances, new businesses and turned to health because of circumstances. She'll discuss what she discovered and how to prepare. She's also involved in her community. She's a passionate speaker.


Jilian Saweczko. shares her story of how and why Become The Boss Academy came into being. She came to Canada with a $100. Worked as an accountant. started a part-time business in 1968, got married and stayed home.

She shares how taking massive action made a tremendous difference to her life and business. All while raising 5 children, Loving 10 grandchildren, adding 2 more businesses and now starting Become The Boss Academy.

Jilian has also been involved in her children's activities, community, church, politics, always learning and more.

Contact information


Ms. Yanyan Zhu
Director of Canada One Family Network
Phone: 416.399.7129

Jilian Saweczko, CEO and Founder
Become The Boss(TM)
Brunch With Focus
Become The Boss Academy
c 416.931.2046

Location: Sunrise Crepe & Grill
417 Roncesvalles Ave @ Howard Park Ave
Brunch: a la carte (Mohammad makes great omelettes). Registration $5.00

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