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With Guest Speaker "Fraud .Identity Theft - Are You and Your Systems

The Next Brunch with Focus is on Thu. Mar. 22, '18
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Guest Speakers Details for the Brunch on Friday Feb. 23, '18, "How Do You Prepare for Momentum?"

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Guest Speaker: "How Do You Prepare for Momentum?"

Guest Speaker's Topic:
"How Do You Prepare for Momentum?"

Guest Speaker's Details:

Ms. Christine Janes, CPO-CD
Speaks to The importance of setting goals
Tips to getting started
Why some systems just do not work.

Ms. Christine Janes, CPO-CDŽ
P: 416.428.6842
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Contact information

Mrs.Jilian Saweczko, introduces and shares her reasons for launching Become The Boss Academy.(video interview Shares the 5 area in life she needed to balance and did not know
Mrs.Jilian Saweczko
Become The Boss
Brunch With Focus
Become The Boss Academy
CEO and Founder

Ms. Yanyan Zhu discusses:
1. What does Preparing for Massive Momentum mean?
2. Where do you start? Some basic recommendations that may surprise you.
Participate. Ask questions.
Ms. Yanyan Zhu
Director of Canada One Family Network
phone, 4163997129
She has a background in finances, new businesses and turned to health because of circumstances.

One more presenter to be confirmed

Here is the Correct Agenda
11:30 Networking starts
12pm Brunch and Introductions
12:30pm Workshops
2:30 more networking for those who can stay longer

Location: Sunrise Crepe & Grill
417 Roncesvalles Ave @ Howard Park Ave
Brunch: a la carte (Mohammad makes great omelettes). Registration $5.00

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