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With Guest Speaker "Fraud .Identity Theft - Are You and Your Systems

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Guest Speakers Details for the Brunch on Thursday Mar. 22, '18, "Fraud .Identity Theft - Are You and Your Systems

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Guest Speaker: "Fraud .Identity Theft - Are You and Your Systems

Guest Speaker's Topic:
"Fraud .Identity Theft - Are You and Your Systems Secure?"

Guest Speaker's Details:
How do you prepare yourself and protect your clients against fraud and identity theft?

1. What do you know about fraud and Identity Theft?
2. Ways to reduce your risks online.
3. Tips to secure your computers, office and home office.

Mr. Philip Bidinoff will discuss the key areas you really need to know in order to make sure your website and emails are secure. From the outside wall, through the wall and on the inside.
Have you ever seen this notice when you click on an URL? "Your connection is not secure The owner of app.__name_ has configured their website improperly. To protect your information from being stolen, Firefox has not connected to this website. "

Why? This an other aspects of cyber security will be discussed at your BWF Business Owners Networking Luncheon.

Contact information
Jilian Saweczko
LegalShield Associate, Business and Identity Theft Specialist


CEO and Founder
Become The Boss
Brunch With Focus
Become The Boss Business Academy

"The day I stop learning, is the day I must adjust my attitude" ~ Jilian M Saweczko

Become The Boss Business Academy video interview.

Mr. Phillip Bidinoff, Partner, The PCDoc
(416) 456-7649

March 22nd. Correct Agenda
11:30am Sign-in, Networking. set a time confirm your meetings for coffee.
12:00pm Brunch a la carte and workshop
1pm Thank You & Announcements
You are welcome to continue networking
Contribution $5 cash, on arrival

Location: Sunrise Crepe & Grill
417 Roncesvalles Ave @ Howard Park Ave
Brunch: a la carte (Mohammad makes great omelettes). Registration $5.00

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