Brunch With Focus
With Guest Speaker Donald Lofthouse, Choosing Your Financial Advisor

The Next Brunch with Focus is on Wed. Nov. 08, '17
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On this page is listed the 12 most recent Breakfast With Focus Events. Click on the links below to see the speakers' details and their topics.

Guest Speakers

Date Speaker Topic
Wednesday Nov. 08, 17 Donald Lofthouse, Choosing Your Financial Advisor "Ideas for Women in Choosing a Financial Advisor"
Wednesday Oct. 11, 17 Your Dreams Are Your Possibilities New Location.
Your Dreams Are Your Possibilities. Part 1,
The Pragmatic Dreamer.
Wednesday Sep. 13, 17 {NEW Location} Ms. Marcia Y Ford, author, media pe {NEW Location}Who is Marcia Y Ford, author, media personality and businesswoman?
Wednesday Aug. 23, 17 Miss Sanjana Ambegaonkar, 'The Art of Appreciation "What is so special about 'The Art of Appreciation"? 'What are the 3 Stages of Appreciation?'
Wednesday Aug. 09, 17 CANCELLED New date to Be Announced (TBA) CANCELLED Today. New Date To Be Announced (TBA)
Wednesday Jul. 12, 17 Kick-Off Summer Social - Networking Kick-Off Summer Social - Networking
Wednesday Jun. 14, 17 How do You Know that Your Business Data is Secure? How do You Know that Your Business Data is Secure?
Wednesday Apr. 12, 17 Ms. Elizabeth Bidinoff Learn the foundation of earning money online
Wednesday Mar. 08, 17 Mr. Phillip Bidinoff "What does Privacy, as an Entrepreneur, Mean to You?" "How do you know your details are protected?"
Wednesday Feb. 08, 17 Ms. Char Seaton What do you Not know about the Real Estate Market?
Wednesday Jan. 11, 17 Mr Evan Pleet - this month at a new loc How important is Your workspace to Your Business?
Wednesday Nov. 23, 16 Mr Anil Ramcharitar "Why is Mentorship so Important?

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